Cam Switch Disconnector Switch Limit Switch

Bremas Ersce is formed by the merger of two well established brand names Bremas and Ersce. These two companies are major player in design, manufacturing and marketing of electromechanical components, with over 40 years of experience Bremas Ersce is the leader for standard and custom control products.


  • Limit Switches & Position Switches
  • Safety Switches
  • Miniature Switches
  • Cam/Rotary Switches CR, CA & CQ series
  • Switch - Disconnectors DS, XNA, TS & TSC/TSD series
  • Fused Switches XNF, TF series

Stabillisers and Transformers

Voltage Stabilisers and Magnetic components Transformers

Ortea spa is well known Italian company founded in 1969, Ortea is a leading company in manufacturing and engineering Voltage Stalilisers and Magnetic Components. Over forthy years in the business and opening technical research have made of Ortea competitive and advanced company. Close co-operation between design, production and marketing enabled Ortea to meet the requirements of the constantly growing number of customers.

Ortea has the flexibility to develop and manufacture special equipment according to customer’s specification.


  • Voltage Stabilisers
  • Power & Voltage Transformers

Industrial Plugs & Sockets and Enclosures

Boxes with wired power sockets Steel site panels Industrial plugs & sockets

I DIVISION ELECTRICA S.A ( ide ) is a company based in Spain operating in international electrical market, ide manufacture plastic and metal enclosures as well as plugs & Sockets for low voltage distribution and for the telecommunication sectors.

ide was founded in1987 since then ide have been committed to innovation and investments achieving high quality products widely appreciated in international market


  • Plastic and Metal Enclosures
  • Industrial Plug & Sockets