Electrical Panel Measuring Instruments

Transducers Digital Meters Analog Meters Power Meters

Almost all Switch Gear producers have been using FC Misure instruments in their Panels, FC Misure produce a wide range of measurement instruments, with brand name of "unidata".

New version of Current, Voltage and Power Transducers have the capability of setting input and output mode by dip switch as well as the possibilities to connect with computer via serial connection.
New Type S3-WR can read: W - VAR - VA - V - A - HZ - PF - kWh - kVARh parameters with accuracy class of 0.5%.

Electrical Panel Measuring Analog & Digital Instruments includes:

  • Ammeters, Voltmeters, Phasemeters, Varmeters , Wattmeters, Synchronoscopes
  • Voltage, Current and Power Transducers
  • Current and Voltage Transformers